What's Pinsa Romana? Is it Pizza?

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The History

Pinsa Romana refers to a style of dough that dates back to the Roman Empire. Peasants kneaded this ancient bread of grains, salt and herbs into a simple, rustic oval shape and cooked over hot coals. 

Making Dough
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The Process

Today, our pinsa dough is made from non-gmo rice, soy and wheat flours. Pinsa comes from the Latin word “pinsere,” which means to stamp or pound. Unlike traditional Italian pizza dough which is rolled out and spun in the air, pinsa dough is pressed flat by a chef’s fingers.

The Difference

Along with being a mix of different flours, pinsa dough also contains more water and less salt. These differences necessitate a longer rising time, up to 72 hours. With the extra maturation time, the yeast does more of the work of breaking down sugars and proteins. The result? A crust that is not only much easier to digest, but lower in calories and fats. 


Pinsa romana is also prized for its lighter, airier crust. It is often described as a cloud-like pizza.

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The Verdict

We welcome you to try this gamechanger in the pizza industry. With its outstanding taste, all-natural ingredients and health benefits, pinsa romana is positioned to take its place in the US market.